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 On Saturday, September 25, I was invited to Vantan Cutting Edge 2010, Debut Collection by the graduating students of Vantan Design School.  I was able to attend the award ceremony where Grand Prix and two Runner-ups were announced.  All three were very unique as each one had a very different concept and style.  It was very interesting to listen to the interview with the winners.  One designed maternity dress, and another said that she wanted to show the waves and the sand.  The winner of Grand Prix said that he wanted to bridge the separate worlds which seemed to be in conflict and  confrontation. 

  I was struck by how original each one was in their own way.   They are all very young and full of hope.   Watching their creation and hearing their words, I became very optimistic about the future.

  The show was followed by the advisory board seminar for the parents of the incoming students.  As in February when we had the second meeting for the parents, we discussed teaching philotophy of Vantan, design and business, and the role of designers today in Part 1.  I was one of the panelists with Mr. Kumamoto, CEO of Real Fleet, Mr. Haraki of Design Nippon and Ms. Sato of H.P.F.  

  In Part 2, we discussed design:global and local, with Mr. Kansai Yamamoto.  Kansai san is very charismatic, fun, with such high energy and passion.  As he showed up, the atmosphere of the seminar changed as he engaged the audience immediately.  It is obvious how much he loves what he does and how dedicated he is to it.  I have become convinced  that passion and enthusiasm is so contagious that people around those with passion get so stimulated.  It was a long day after a  long week of writing etc. for me, but definitely worth it.  I have recevied a lot of energy and get so excited.   Who you interact with makes a lot of difference!

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