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Now is the time to think of something new for the year 2015. (New Year Resolution time!)  It will be a perfect timing to write an essay for competition.  It is St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Essay Competition.  This year’s deadline is February 1 and there are three questions from which you can select one.

I have been involved with St. Gallen Symposium and in the past few years, served as one of the Main Jury.  I no longer serve as the Main Jury, as I wrote on my blog entitled “When you hit 6x and freelance….“, but my enthusiasm about the essay competition and St. Gallen Symposium continues.

This essay competition offers fabulous opportunity to young people (in 20s, “at heart” not included!) to get exposed to the stimulating and inspiring St. Gallen Symposium. If you are selected top 100, you will be invited to the 45th Symposium held in May.  There are some qualifications to enter the competition such as age, enrollment in the advanced degree programs, but essentially the field is open.

Think about what you want to write, try to crystallize your message by some iterations, and apply.  For details about the competition, you can check the link here.  

What is important is to start thinking and putting something on the paper.  Then the process becomes much easier.  Even if you are not selected as top 100, thinking about the topics and expressing your views will enrich your thought process. I will be looking forward to reading the winners essay in May.


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