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Due to Covid-19, I spend more time at my apartment, and have seen quite a few families who live at my apartment complex.  In particular, I see very young children much more often than before.  I have noticed one thing and also have one another question.

One discovery is that children seem to have curious mind and when they see something new or strange, their eyes almost sparkle with curiosity.  I have come to know some children and whenever I come across with them and wave, they wave back. It gives me so much joy to find that they respond.  Sometimes they ask me questions such as “You do not have any children? “,  I try to explain that I do not have young children with me but have grandkids of the similar age with him overseas.  (I am not sure whether he got the message or not, but I enjoyed the conversation.)

Another boy who must be about 10 or older talk to me whenever we meet..  I am amazed how curious they are.  It makes me think that we will all stay creative, innovative and curious if we keep mind and hear of the children we once were.

The question I have in mind (which I may try to experiment) is how the world looks to young children when they are in stroller or on the small bike.  Their perspective must be very different as they see the world from much lower positions.  We often find that the house we thought was huge and/or so far away when we were very young turns out to be not that big or far away.  I believe everyone of us has this type of experience.  I am tempted to find out myself how different sight and perspectives shape how we think and feel.  In other words, I want to be ver young kid again!

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