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Tonight, I went to the concert with Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra at Suntory Hall.  As I serve as member of the board of Fujitsu, I was invited to the concert Fujitsu Presents.  It was the first time I heard Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, and it was beautiful.

Sylvain Cambreing,  music director of Yomiuri, conducted Symphony No. 6 in A Minor “Tragische” by Marhler.  It was the first time I  heard this symphony.  (This was the only piece played tonight without intermission.)

I have heard Mahler a few times, but this symphony was lovely.  As always at the live concert with the symphony, I felt I was in the different world- world of its own with beautiful music.

It was  such a great way to spend Monday evening.  What a luxury!

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