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After being declined for access to blog editing, now I am back to life. I understand that administrator needed to reactivate probably because the setup has changed?  In the past, writing blog entry from overseas has NOT caused any problem, so it is a mystery!

  Since I arrived Wednesday morning at SFO, I took BART to financial district (Embarcadero Center) and walked to the hotel after asking a few people.  (As it has been a while since I was in this area, I completely lost track of the locations.)  It turned out that my hotel is very close to Embarcadero Center where my cousin used to have coffee whop/restaurant.  I visited the area many time x decades ago, and my cousin had passed away some time ago, I felt nostalgic.  In fact, when I was walking at Narita airport, I recall several friends who passed away recently and felt that the my own life has changed quite a bit.

The first task in San Francisco was to join board meeting in Tokyo via telephone.  My direct fixed phone in the hotel room worked fine and we finished without any incident. I then went out to get some daily necessities and looked for the place to eat, as recommended by the concierge of the hotel. After walking about in the dark with gusty wind, I gave up and ate at the restaurant at the hotel. (I had heard from the man I ran into the elevator that food is quite good, and it was!)  Watching the Houston Astros win the World Series was while having dinner was good. (particularly for the people in Houston after hurricane.)  That ended my first day in San Francisco…

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