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l listen to podcast in English every day for about 2 hours or so.  I began this practice a few years ago when I bought iPhone. My objective is to listen to English as often as possible, and to be informed about what is going on in the world.  When I began, I  listened to business related news, from variety of sources–Wall Street Journal this morning, PBS News hour, NBC Nightly News, BBC Global News, and Economist.  I also listen to some shows on Sunday  such as “Face the Nation.”Meet the Press” and”60 minutes.” (I am usually very busy on Monday JST.)

I added Radio Japan news to listen to the Japanese news in English and Inside Story by Al Jazeera for the Middle East news.  I then added TED Radio Hour, TED Talks Daily, the TED Interview, too.

As I wanted some science and technology news, I asked my friend about what she listens.  Based upon her recommendation, now I listen to Science Friday, Hidden Brain, and  Radiolab.  Sometimes I listen to HBR Ideacast and McKinsey podcast as well. (They are not daily, but weekly or so.)

I also love The New York Daily by Michael Barbaro,  Fresh Air with Terry Gross and a few podcasts by Kara Swisher such as Recode Decode and Pivot.

As I reflect what podcasts I listen to almost every day, I realize I receive information that covers many different fields and pretty much real time. For example, today I listen to many related to President Trump’s move and what is happening in Syria.

I love podcast because I can listen to them while I do daily workout (I usually do about 1 hour) and when I am on the subway for commuting.  Sometimes, I listen to them when I cook etc. at home. If I try to get these news from written media whether it is traditional paper form or on line, it takes much longer. So it is quite efficient way  to be informed.  In addition, I listen to English (for most podcast, I listen at 1.5x speed) and my listening ability stays the same(i.e. does not deteriorate.) This is a good way for me (at least) to keep up with the news and how they are reported in different parts of the world.  I sometimes listen to the heated conversation between the people who join the show, some of which is too much that I stop listening!   This practice is quite convenient, as all you need is smartphone, and earphone,

The only problem is it is just “listening” and does not force me to speak, which I need to work on myself. Probably I can start podcasting myself. (see the list on the left. In fact, I played with the idea but so far have not implemented it.)

My portfolio of English podcast is quite broad and I do NOT recommend you try with them all. You can start with the ones that interest you. You can listen to the ones that interest you at the slower speed if you have difficulty following.  As you continue, however, you will be surprised how much information you get and how diverse news reporting it is.  it is also FUN!

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