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Red BullThis morning I had an opportunity to give a talk on macroeconomic landscape in the world at Energy Summit organized by Red Bull.  It was the first of the kind in Asia, and I was the first speaker of the event. After series of teleconference and run through of the slides etc.,  in the past several weeks, I finally made it to the day! (That is how I felt!)

I received the inquiry few months ago for this event and since the end of April, we (person in charge at Red Bull and I) had a series of teleconference to check the story and the slides again and again.  As it was the first time for me to do this for Red Bull, we had to work hard to make sure what I do would meet their expectations. In the process of refining slides and the story (which required some late night work!)  I tried sugar free Red Bull to get energy!   So I had real  “experience” of the product!  I recall some of my young friends drink Red Bull all the time to keep them awake to get through the tough work.

The session was for the people from different countries in Asia and it was casual, following Red Bull style.  Though there were few questions at the end (I felt I should have asked some questions to them!), my talk went fine.

I wish I could come to Air Race Chiba scheduled for tomorrow, but I am leaving the country tonight. It looks Very exciting!


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