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IMG_9412Today is the last day of March and government offices, schools and some companies end the year today.  It is also nice as the cherry blossoms seem to be in full bloom in the warm weather.  I see many people (children, parents included) walk around the park with back pack etc.  Cherry blossoms are at their peak for such a short period of time and probably for that reason, we appreciate its beauty so much.

As I reflect back my activities for the month of March (and the first 3 months of the year 2016), I finally feel settled and ready to start a new month.  I have had more seminars/workshops and interviews this _YP_8924year than in the past (usually the beginning of the year is rather quiet, but not so this year), and with four overseas trips with different conferences and forums from the past, I felt that I was not managing my time and activities well. (In fact, I was busy trying to prepare for the next meeting with new topics one after another and packing/unpacking for the trips which cover different parts of the world with different weather!, Sometimes I brought clothes that did not fit the climate…) I have tried to say something at every occasion (sometimes asking questions, other times, getting to know people to expand network and to get some tips such as virtual assistant!)

Finally I have time to review and follow up my activities in the past few days.  (Now my desk looks much cleaner!)

I love trying new things and exploring new fields and thus I try to stay away from “routine” “stable” activities. However, I have kept few routine activities in  this rather hectic schedule and activities.   One of them is daily workout.  No matter where I go, I always look for the place and time to do my daily workout–some cardio & strengths as well as stretch. I also listen to the English news podcast every day.  It almost seem that these are the only two activities I do every day no _YP_8706matter where I am.  I believe this may be my way of keeping sanity and keeping me informed of the news throughout the world.

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