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 When we learn something new, and/or visiting new places, we often encounter many things that we see/hear for the first time and cannot figure out. I spend most of the summer (July and August) in British Columbia to escape hot and humid Tokyo in the past two decades. (see photo on the left) Even though I come here many times before, every year I come across with something new and something I cannot figure out.

This year, I rented the chalet which belongs to my friend and thus first time to stay at this place.  I followed driving instructions with no problem, but had difficulty opening up the box which contains a check in key.  I had never seen this type of box and tried to open, according to the instructions, but it did not open.  I was getting desperate, when the person who is staying in the same building came by and showed me how to open!  I also tried to turn on tV/Cable in the unit, but nothing worked!  (I finally figured last night!)

At the lodge I am staying this weekend as my friends’ family are staying at the unit I stayed, I could not get wifi in the room to connect.  It turned out that it was me that did not read instructions well, and assumed that the number was all I needed for password.  I seem to get irritable quickly and do not read instructions!

These experiences show me that my past experience in British Columbia in the past two decades is no guideline for the current status, as the world undergoes changes day by day. It is a good lesson NOT TO take it for granted what you experienced.  When you go into the new field, visit new places, there are many opportunities that you need to try to solve the problem you encounter, as they are new to you.  This is a good opportunity to realize that your past experience and/or knowledge is not necessarily relevant today and you need to learn yourself.

Some things such as seeing the kids (I recall when she was born) grow up make you realize your age, but at the same time a lot of joy! (see featured photo of the dinner we had)

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