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Yesterday evening, I came across with the beat while playing golf with a friend.  Few years ago, I saw the bear almost every time I played golf on t the same hole of the golf course.  This year, it was only the second time for me to see the bear.

I had heard that the mother bear with 3 cubs have been seen several times at different places in Whistler this summer, but I have not come across with them yet.  Mother bear can be quite dangerous, as she gets very nervous as she desperately tried to protect her cubs and sometimes to attack people.

bear As I tried to fetch my iPhone to take a photo, my friend (who lives in Whistler) tried to get bear’s attention by clapping hands.  She was trying to get the bear to face us so that I can take a better photo!  I was not too excited about getting the bear come by close.

I had a few incidents where I encountered the bear when walking in the mountain and while I was jogging around the lake.  I was quite scared as the bears are huge when you see them close by.

Probably for those who  live in area, having bears around may be quite ordinary and they may feel that bears are like neighbors!

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