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As we all know very well, the jobs are now one of the top priority issues for the world.  Jobs not only provide means to lead decent life, but they affect individual’s self-esteem.  What we struggle with now is that many countries are faced with high unemployment rate, particularly among the youths, and at the same time, there are so many companies which need people with certain skills to fill the positions.

What makes it difficult is it takes time to develop people with skills required.  What makes it even more difficult is that  skills required for the 21st century are quite different from those offered by existing educational institutions.

I have been involved with the projects dealing with this issue from different perspectives, and  lately it dawned on me that the way we “learn” is also becoming very different.    Those of us who lived several decades have learned new knowledge and skills in certain ways–by reading, writing, listening to lectures, watching others use skills, discussing with others etc.

But the way we learn today could be quite different as information is available online, at your fingertips at any time from all over the world.  We can simulate, can make prototype rather easily etc. etc.   Facing this reality, I myself am not quite sure what exactly is the new way of “learning” and how to do it myself.

One thing I am almost certain is that the  way we learn is changing and there is new opportunity and possibility to learn.  It seems that we(at least I) are still stuck with the way we have learned and have not quite designed the new way of learning.   We have focused so much on education, and new way of doing so.  But isn’t the issue more of how we learn and new way of learning?

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