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I go back and forth between very optimistic  and pessimistic view about the future of the people and of the country.  I get very encouraged whenever I interact with people full of ideas and energy, ready to tackle the world for the better. (In fact, there are quite a few around me, which makes me such a fortunate person.)  On the other hand, I  get quite discouraged when I see many people falling asleep and/or looking already tired  on the subway Monday morning.  That is when I get quite pessimistic about the future.

If you are one of those with ideas to make our life better/more fun, AND are wondering how to do it, while working for the company, come join us on Friday Feb. 28 to our next SINCA session vol. 16.  (I informed through this blog a while ago.) The topic is how to become/support intrepreneur (some seem to call them  “in-house entrepreneur”) so that we can promote new ideas and make our life more comfortable and fun.

Even you have great idea (you think) and want to start the company, it is quite a challenge to leave and company and start your own business.  If you can have best of both worlds in such a way that you market your idea to your colleagues and management in the company you work for to recruit/form volunteer group who share your passion, the possibility that your idea becomes reality will increase exponentially.

Our guest, Akira Fukabori’s team has just done that and is in the process of transforming/disrupting? the industry by going back to the original purpose of airlines.  They work for Air Nippon Airways and have managed to make their first idea “Blue Wing” one of the key branding concept of ANA.   Now they are onto the third idea of ANA Avatar.  When I heard about this idea, I was so impressed because this is getting to the core of the transportation.  (I loved the idea of Blue Wing, too, as it makes the airline business offer more benefit to larger number of people throughout the world.)  I have known the team for some time and love their passion and perseverance.  (It is quite contagious…)

Akira & the team will share their stories of how to make their idea “fly” by appealing to the management of the company and getting their support.  They also have some horror stories (I assume, as the first project took 4 years or so before it took off.)  I believe that the case study has been written for one US business school and another is on the way. (We can find out on Feb. 28) Akira joined us at SINCA vol. 15 held at Shiseido GIC on January 25.  You can watch video of the session here.

If you have ideas and are wondering how you can make it big by working with people and the company you work for, this session will be very helpful.  Even if you do not have ideas, but are wondering how you can support those with ideas to promote innovation in the society, come talk to Akira and team as well as other participants.

The venue is WeWork Nogizaka where (I trust) we can enjoy beer on tap free of charge.  In addition, we will have catering service so that you can talk to people over drinks and light food.  Details are here.  Tickets are moving quite  quickly, so make sure you register.  Looking forward to seeing many of you in about 10 days!

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