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  I was watching Barack Obamas victory speech this afternoon live on CNN. As I am registered for the New York Times alert, I got minute-by-minute news as to which states Obama won. As I received the alert that majority of networks and newspapers projected that Obama would be elected, I decided to turn on TV, just in time for McCain’s concession speech. 

   I was quite emotional listening to both speeches. I was impressed with Barack Obamas speech, as I realized that the political process in the U.S. has changed for ever and felt that the change will actually happen, or rather people will make the change happen.

   It was such historic moment that I would remember the dayor as they say, I remember where I was on that day at that time. 

Now about 8 hours later, I watched the scene with the transcript on my PC.  It is quite amazing that we could do this. This is the power of technology and this is what has changed the political process in the U. S. for ever, I think. 

Now I can watch Barack Obamas speech at the Democratic convention, which I missed but I heard one of the finest speeches ever.

It is tremendous that we can do this with the help of technology. It is us that can make the best of it.

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