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FullSizeRender (35)Tonight(December 13), I invited my 92-year old father to my apartment for our weekly dinner. (Almost every weekend, we have dinner together one evening, whether it is at his residence or at my apartment.)

I was going to visit him at his residence as he came to my place last weekend. But when I told him so, he said he wanted to come to my place. So I changed  my plan quickly.

I decided to pick up “eel” (UNAGI) for us at our favorite eel restaurant in Kaminoge. We go there once in a while as eel is his favorite food. But I figured it would be too cold to go there tonight and it is more relaxing to do it at my apartment.

At 6:05 or so after I picked up eel and dinner was getting ready, I called Dad just to make sure that he remembers that he is supposed to come. He answered, saying that he is waiting for me at his residence. (This happens often as he does not remember our conversation earlier today.)

He said he would take a cab and come over, and he did. So our dinner proceeded as planned.

He loves eel and finished all (even big portion of rice!)  We had coffee, and chocolate afterwards and he left happily.

Every time we are to have dinner together, I feel like watching or being in  a suspense movie, as I am never sure whether he shows up or not. But tonight we had a happy ending.

We even took the picture together near the Christmas tree at the lobby of my apartment complex.(Photo above.)

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