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I spent Easter Sunday going to the mass, (after daily workout at the sports club as usual).  The church was full of people  for Easter mass and the music was so beautiful.

Then I paid my usual visit at the discount ticket place.  It was such as beautiful day (turned sunny) ad I could not resist to get out.  After listening to some comments by the people who worked at the ticket office & people lining up, I decided to try Hades Town with no idea what it was all about,  other than it is a musical!.

The show opened very recently at Broadway and the staff at the ticket office said that it may win Tony award and now is the good time to go to see the show. (assuming it gets very popular later.)  I had good seat-orchestra center, 13th row from stage.  I had to concentrate at the beginning, as I had no idea what the story was.  Music and acting as well as dancing was very good.  The audience was so excited that you could tell that this show would be very popular. (No wonder, the staff at the ticket office said it would be good time to go now! Even discount ticket (50% off) was over $100!.

So it was a good decision and it was a good way to spend Easter Sunday.  (There are no shows on Monday, and I should make the best of my days in NYC! after all.) One interesting thing was that  the lady who was sitting next to me at the theater was taking notes, and she left right after the Act 2 started.  It seems that she was writing review or something. Mysterious reviewer?

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