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IMG_5213 From 5:00 pm on Monday, April 20, official opening ceremony of World Economic Forum on East Asia began. I was very much looking forward to the speech by the President of Indonesia. People seem to have high expectation of the new President and I wanted to see him in person.
His speech was very impressive in that he described how Indonesia has developed and what is ahead. His use of many slides gave a vivid picture of how the country has evolved and what we can expect in this country.
His rather informal style of “talking” to the audience, I thought, fit the country which is young and the hope it symbolizes. (He said during his speech a few times, “if there is a problem, call me.”)
IMG_5222After the opening ceremony, we moved to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for the reception. There we heard live music and enjoyed good food. It was nice to see some old friends and meet with new people.
The only thing I regret was that the location and the schedule of the reception was changed and I could not connect with the ICS alumni who came all the way to the hotel to meet me. I decided, however, it would be a good excuse to come back to Jakarta, soon!
We came back to the Shangri-La Hotel for the drinks and Night cap by the pool. It was a LONG day (particularly for me, as I began with the teleconference at 7:30 a.m. with Tokyo!), but full of exciting events.

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