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Day 2, Thursday, May 22, was a big day for me as I moderated one of the parallel sessions entitled “Designing solutions for closing gender gap in leadership.”. Then I participated in the class on Business Strategy at KMD via skype.

As I woke up quite early in the morning, I put together how I would start the session to set the context by using some slides.  The session was well attended though it was the first in the morning.

gra1I explained the background of the session by describing my experience in Myanmar last year of moderating the session entitled “Mainstreaming gender.”  I then introduced the gender parity ranking and mentioned that the Philippines is ranked No.1 in Asia and No. 5 in the world.  I joked about very low ranking of Japan and Korea.

genderThe breakout session was done along three areas—1) Advancing women to leadership positions, 2) Access to financing for entrepreneurs 3) Policy initiatives.  The breakout session was very lively and we had lot of energy in the room.

gra2At the end was report back from the groups and I tried to wrap up as we were running out of time.  It seemed people who participated liked it and I enjoyed it, too. I only wish I did better job of wrapping up and summarizing it.  So I will try next time. (Here is the link to Session summary.)

After the session, I was getting ready for the class at KMD. Though we had a bit of technical problem at the beginning, I was able to join the class from Manila. The topic for the class was on accessibility & technology.  The lecture was very informative and the presentation by the student groups was very interesting.  I am amazed how inspiring and exciting presentation the student groups developed.  I was so impressed at their creativity and got something done in few days.

After the class via skype, I went to health club to do some daily routine.  It refreshed me and I was getting ready for the Opening Plenary.

Professor Klaus Schwab, Executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, began with welcome remarks and introduced four heads of states—President of the Philippines, President of Indonesia, Prime Minister of Vietnam and Vice President of Myanmar.  Great stories with some humor from the first two Presidents and the very straightforward remarks by the Prime Minister of Vietnam in their relations with China.

The next session, “Connect on Technology :Eliminating the blind spots” was a very good learning experience as they talked about the role of technology at disaster situations.

soireywgshThe second day ended with cultural soirre at the International Convention Center. It was a fabulous event and I talked quite extensively with global shapers.  I also talked with two people from Thailand who told me that coup was declared and the curfew was enforced starting the next day.  They were naturally  very concerned and tried to figure out the way to respond to the situation.

After I came back to the hotel, I even joined the Night Cap at the poolside (more wine and cheese!) and finally went to bed.  I was so relieved after my big day was over and finally was able to enjoy wine!(probably too much!)

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