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World Economic Forum on East Asia officially began today, May 31.  Before I report on the activities at the ICT Summit (one of the private meetings held yesterday),  I would like to share what I found in Bangkok.

stallsout76On the first day after I arrived, I decided to explore the neighborhood and ended up walking around many small food shops near the hotel.  There were many food stalls where food is cooked on the spot and served.  They looked very tasty and I was tempted to try. (Photo on the left, though a bit dark)

I saw quite a few people enjoying food bought at the food stalls at the food court.  What was interesting to me was that I  saw a young boy looking at the screen of iPad at the  food court.  At the traditional food court with young boy with iPAD?  I think this fits the topic of the 21st East Asia Forum very well,  “Shaping the Region’s Future through Connectivity.”

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