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I am in Jakarta to attend the World Economic Forum on East Asia which began two days ago on June 11.  After participating the private session on “Open Borders” discussing the topics such as trade/customs system alignment, use of technology across national boundaries to identify the goods to eliminate illicit trade etc., we all went to the Jakarta Museum of History for the reception hosted by the Governor of Jakarta.

The official ceremony began on June 12 in the afternoon with the opening remarks by the President of Indonesia and  the three-way dialogue  among Prof. Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the WEF, President Yudhoyono and Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee-Hsien Loong.  Before the official opening ceremony, I attended the interactive session entitled “Sustaining Indonesia’s Growth Momentum” (as I have been intrigued by the huge growth potential of the country as well as the leadership of the people there), and the Plenary session entitled “Managing Global Disruptions.”

Both sessions were very interesting and I learned a lot from them.  As always, this is a great opportunity to get exposed to the diverse views of the people in and around the region, meet with friends both old and new.

After the opening ceremony, I attended two sessions–one entitled “G2 impact on Asia” meaning U.S. and China, and the other entitled ” Driving Asian Growth” in which we discussed the role of women.    The day full of stimulating and inspiring thoughts and ideas ended with the lovely dinner hosted by the President Yudhoyono, where we enjoyed both Indonesian and new music and dance.  (All of us also learned how to play the Indonesian musical instrument and played together.)   I can feel the excitement,  energy and the hope in the air of Jakarta.  It is nice to be in the place where the population is young and full of hope for the better future.

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