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This morning, I invited CEMS students to my early morning session.  Altogether, there were 20 students and we debated the issue of showmanship (in addition to craftsmanship), based upon the Economist article.   Though I run early morning session in English, I speak slowly to make sure that the Japanese students can follow.

But today, as we started arguing the issue, the pace of discussion picked up with many CEMS students from different countries.  I wanted to have both groups of students to have opportunities to share the opportunity of interaction.

It was fun.  I heard that the Japanese students had some difficulty following the discussion, but the more they are exposed to this type of discussion, the better they will get.  I also heard from CEMS students that they found the occasion interesting as they heard directly from the Japanese students.   I enjoyed it, too and hope that I can offer more of this type of opportunities to young people, regardless of nationality, background,gender etc.

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  1. Thank you very much for inviting us to this class Professor Ishikura!

    I think it was great to be able to attend a class together with Japanese students from KMD! I think that there is so much potential in the collaboration between CEMS and KMD students and hope that more occasions of this type will be possible in the future; for example on group projects etc.

    • Yoko Ishikura
    • July 7th, 2012

    Max, thanks for your kind words. I agree. The Japanese students appreciated the opportunity so much (see my blog entry on July 7). I will see how I can make more of this type of interaction happen.

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