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This week, we had early morning boot camp? of basic skill course every morning from Monday to Friday at 7:00 a.m.  This is the first time we had the session every day of the week. (We have 12 sessions already and 3 more to go next week.)

It has been a VERY long week as students had to do assignment such as reading/doing exercise of each chapter of Critical Thinking, read Economist articles, writing assignment, debate/role play all in English and book review.  A pair of students read a book of their choice and report back to the group.  They are also expected to listen to English podcast every day AND watch the video archive of the sessions on analysis.

We also had typhoon AND a series of meetings for the project.  I am sure that all the students must be relieved now that 5-straight-day week of early morning sessions is over.  I am also very relieved that we finished this tough week, and at the same time, very happy to see the progress on the part of the students.  In the past three weeks, they have made good progress and are getting more comfortable reading and discussing in English.

We have three more sessions next week, for one of which we will have CEMS students.   I am sure that they will enjoy the session together and benefit from the interaction.  12 down, 3 more to go and we will celebrate a week from today upon the completion of the  boot camp!

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