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Tomorrow, June 29, marks the last day of the 15-day boot camp.  We met at 7:00 a.m. at KMD for 15 days in June, learning critical thinking, applying critical thinking to various issues, reading, writing and discussing in English.   This was my own attempt to develop basic skills among the students who registered for my project (mine as one of the two).  It was the first trial, but I personally enjoyed meeting with students, getting to know them better, and developing various skills myself as well.

I have been impressed with the fact that all 13 (we started with 12 students and picked up one in the process) came so early to continue learning.  I know some had to leave home very early in the morning, but they all will make it. (I am almost certain that all will show up tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. sharp!)

We tried not only the two textbooks –one in English and the other in Japanese, but also articles from the business periodicals, tried role play and debate and book review.  I myself learned a lot as I tried to use many examples to explain some concepts and tools.  It was a good learning process for me as I had to sense how much they understood and where they were uncertain etc.

We will celebrate the completion of the boot camp tomorrow night.  Celebration will be in order.

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