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IMG_8990I am on my way from Amagi Leaders Forum heading home. Leaders Forum was for 1.5 days starting yesterday, Friday, February 26. I had the privilege to serve as a speaker together with Mr. Kakutaro Kitashiro and to hear the status and outlook of IBM WATSON.
I find the presentation by two start-ups supported by IBM Blue Hub very interesting. One is consulting service for farmers to help support their management (TERASUMA) and the other is Brand Pit which combines image analysis, research and global. Both are very interesting to me and I hope they will grow their business.
IMG_8986Three days in Dubai and 1.5 day in Amagi back to back has given me the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of fields and to interact with a variety of people with interesting expertise. It was also a good opportunity to have a glimpse of difficulty of managing business in today’s fast-changing world and of growing the country/region with people, core assets.
My head’s spinning as I have had so many exciting interactions and I have been inspired by many new ideas, contexts and people.

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