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I went to the big symposium this afternoon. Though my role was to participate in one of the parallel panels in mid afternoon, I went to hear Special lecture by T, Takahashi on robots. I served on the same working group with Takahashi san few years ago and have always been interested in what he has been up to.  As a matter of fact, on the subway I took to get home after the symposium, there was a company announcement discussing the similarities of jewel design? and robot creation featuring Takahashi san!

He showed several robots he created and it was interesting to see the evolution.  His comments such as  hand making the first prototype, difference between traditional innovation and current innovation, the process of building the market slowly, but steadily were very interesting.  After the panel, I stayed on to hear H. Nakata discussing his Japanese sake activities.  I had heard him introduce this initiative in English over a year ago, but I heard much more details today.

After all, I had opportunity to hear four different groups of people on different topics -business person’s career approach, artists’ motivation, tech entrepreneur’s career/market development approach, and former soccer player’s current passion-  yesterday and today from the younger generation (mainly 30s, I believe.)  Though they are from different fields with different expertise, all seem to have down-to-earth, simple & easy to follow approach.  They do what they love to do at that point and nothing more, nothing less. And yet, they seem to be disrupting/transforming the traditional landscape.  Their approach is simple, straightforward and does not require lengthy explanation. They also think hard and form their own view.  I think these people will transform the world.

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