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I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to give a key note speech or moderate the panel session at symposiums organized by the associations or companies. I usually receive the photo of the event and the result of questionnaires from the participants after the session, which is a big help for me. Sometimes I am given the link to the video of the sessions.

Today, I received the link to Down Japan Virtual Innovation Day held in September.  I moderated the lunch session entitled “Diversity and Inclusion” with four ladies working for Dow, after the initial presentation by the D & I director of Dow.   As I watch the video (in Japanese, unfortunately and quite long for 50 minutes), I find many interesting comments from the panelists.

Whenever I moderate the panel, I study each panelist’s background, expertise, etc., but do not prepare details of how I want to proceed with the panel.  I make rough plan such as who speaks first, etc., but after the initial remarks, I let the discussion go as it wants.  It is because it is much more interesting for me to ask questions that come to my mind there and then and it encourages the free flow of ideas and views among the panelists.  The lunch session at Dow Innovation Day was very interesting as I watched the video, as panelists share their own experiences quite frankly.

After this panel, I went to Tianjin to moderate another panel on diversity and future of jobs.  I also met with my young friend from the US this morning and discussed how challenging for professional couples with small children (if their parents live far away such as overseas) to continue  even in the US where infrastructure etc. is quite well in place.  Whenever some emergency happens, it becomes doubly stressful.  Watching video and recalling the panel in Tianjin and this morning’s talk made me realize that there are so many things we could do to make life a bit easier and more productive, such as remote work, flexible work, etc.   Dow Japan Virtual Innovation Day -photos as well as video etc.- is available through this link. You need to register to log in.  So enjoy.

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