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This evening I joined the celebration dinner for Mr. & Mrs. Arai held at Keio Plaza.  it was double+ triple (I do not know how to call five times) celebration, as Mr. Arai celebrated 80th birthday today, the couple celebrated Golden anniversary (50 years) and he has been tax accountant for 45 years, member of Shinjuku Mita group (alumni of Keio) for 55 years, and of Shinjuku Rotary Club for 40 years!  After several speeches by his friends, selective guests joined  Kagami wari (breaking open a ceremonial sake barrel).  It was followed by cutting cake by Mr. & Mrs. Arai, Hawaiian Wedding Song sung by them etc.  We had other performances by professional artists.  I was honored to be invited to such a celebration and it seemed many VIPs in Shinjuku area were present (I knew almost none!)

Mr. Arai’s classmates (i.e. 80 years old +) were introduced and all looked so healthy and full of energy.  I though this generation may be a most powerful group in Japan now.  It was fun evening!


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