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Here is  a light story as we are getting into the holiday season and I am (supposed to be) on vacation in Kauai. (I cannot shake my cold yet, feeling a bit of chill in a hot weather of 80s!)

I saw the column “20 questions” for Donald Trump, in the Financial Times dated Dec. 11. It is quite interesting read as Donald Trump, now better known for the Apprentice than his property empire, talked about himself etc.

He says his job is “making deals and having a great time”, his three best features are his “hair, looks and amazing charisma,” while he cannot think of any, responding to the question “What are your three worst features.”   He also said that “he had no doubt that he would succeed…”    What a positive (some may call “arrogant”) attitude!

What I found interesting was that he has no BlackBerry or iPod.  What did not surprise was that He NEVER wants to retire.  He seems to be having fun, doing what he does.  I recall that he was in bad shape at one point, as his deals did not work.  He has definitely recovered from it. Probably his style and mental attitude helped.

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