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img_1894Yesterday, November 21, in my class of Business Strategy at KMD, 6 student groups made presentation to Casey Wahl, entrepreneur who gave us real issues his company is now faced with about a month ago.
Every year, I tried to plan 2 group projects in this course, in addition to debate, role play and case study discussions. I tried to find new ideas for group project and this year, I decided to do one for Start-up and the other for established global company, IBM.
Yesterday saw group presentation for the start-up. Issues Casey discussed  when he explained the background and the current situation of his start up a month ago include many related to people-hiring, training, integration etc. as well as expansion strategy with limited resources.
Each group spent 10 minutes followed by questions and short comment by Casey. After all the presentations, I asked how students liked the project-difficulties and lessons. Casey sent us detailed feedback to each group yesterday and wanted all the slides presented so that he could share with other members. He also asked whether anybody would be interested in working there.  I spent several hours today watching video of presentations with slides and sent feedback to each group.
I hope it was good experience and learning for students to tackle real issues and it was helpful for Casey, too. I believe doing projects on real issues is the best way to develop problem solving skills. Students worked very hard for a month in the midst of other courses and job interviews etc. We had pizza after the presentation! It was fun! (See the photo. Can you guess how many pizza we had?)
Next week, we will have presentation to IBM–this time proposal to IBM as to how they can make use of their tremendous assets to resolve some of global issues. I am very much looking forward to the presentation!

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