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I joined the local group of people to play golf at one of the three golf courses in Whistler the other day.  My friend reserved a spot for me, and when I checked in at the pro shop, they wanted some proof that I am local.  (My friend registered me as “local” because I am here every summer over the past decade AND I had a pass at the golf club. )   The question I was asked was “name four restaurants in Whistler” which was very easy to answer.

I am always amazed at the open attitude of the “local ” people.  They introduce me to others, explain my background (I am from Tokyo, spending every summer in BC, wrote a book etc. etc.) .    They also make sure that I can join the conversation (topics of the conversation are sometimes very local, and I have no idea what they are talking about).  They let me join their GAME which counts the number of putts minus the number of times your tee show hits the fairway.

They are also willing to share–whether it is splitting lunch or the produce at the farmers market.  After 18 holes of golf, we ended up splitting sandwiches etc. as they serve big portion.

I also split a bag of peppers at the farmers market the other day with a couple I met there.  They charged CDN 4 for a bag of peppers (as many as you can put in a bag!). I did not want  to eat pepper every day of the week, so I asked the people whether I had to buy a whole bag.  Then the couple there said “We don’t either. Shall we split?”  We made a deal and each ended up having half a bag of peppers. (The  people selling vegetables gave us even one extra each!)  So we each ended up with four big peppers!

I find it great that the community seems to be very open to people from outside.  Probably, I start looking like a “local.”

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