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At seminar/interview, I sometimes say that Do as I do is much more effective than Do as I say, when teaching something to children.   I do not think it is limited to children, and I sometimes remind myself to follow my own advice.

At the apartment complex I live, there are several families with young children.  It is very interesting to see how children do exactly as their parents do.  When I run into parent with children in the hall or lobby, children of parents who greet with Good morning, Good evening etc. do the same thing.  They (parent and children) do with smile, which is even nicer.  On the other hand, we had few families, parents say nothing when we meet and their children do the same.  Every time I see the phenomenon, I realize how important “Doing” is rather than “Saying.”

As I think about it, I wonder how the young people act when their bosses/leaders say things not based upon facts, never take responsibility for their own mistakes.  If it is the leader of the country, we may be in big trouble…

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