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Few days ago, I heard the news that iTunes U have made incredible list of course materials from many educational institutions available through iPhone, iPad etc.  I checked it myself and could not believe how wonderful it is!  (I have just checked some, and somewhat overwhelmed, as there are so many!)

I also realized that English communication capability has become so critical these days.  If you can communicate in English, you can get almost any good courses offered throughout the world.  If you do not have English capability, you are shut out from the incredible world of knowledge available. This difference may widen the gap between those who can learn continuously and who do not.  English Divide, in a way.

As I thought more about it, I realized that there is even more clear distinction than the language.  It is the divide between “Doers” and “Non-Doers”.  If you are one of the Doers (I did not call them Movers and Shakers, as the divide is more for the average people), i.e. you are one of those who like to give it a try, initiate and keep doing, you will be making a journey into the infinite world of knowledge and learning.    But if you just  talk about it, make excuses not to do it, you will not be given the ticket to the wonderful world.

My observation tells me that divide between Doers and Non-Doers has nothing to do with age. Doers take an action, no matter how old (physically) they are,  while Non-Doers stay passive, how young they may be.  I wish I could find the way to have young Non-Doers realize how much they miss and how they can enrich their life by learning.  So far, I have NOT been too successful in doing so, but will keep trying.

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