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This week was full of events and activities,  in addition to beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo.  ( I walked along the cherry trees yesterday just at the time of full bloom. Today was lovely in a different way, as petals were falling.)

Most of activities  were exciting and inspiring, while some were so unproductive, I felt. In addition to the differences of how I view the events and activities, I felt that Japan is also quite divided.  We often talk about “divide” in the US and other places, with the “illusion” that Japan is different.  I come across several incidents which tell me that there are divides in Japan as well, not the typical divide of inequality, ideology, etc., but more of the perception of the world today.

Some of the people I interact are so forward looking, eager to try new things and are very interested and quite committed to the activities to make the world a better place.  They seem to understand that the world today is quite complex and unlike decades ago, no simple tradeoff exists any more.  i.e. there are many aspects of issues which need our attention. For example, economic and social value creation, purpose of our career,  and not just money/compensation/power is important, and conventional notion of authority is gone, etc. The other group seems to follow the conventional thinking, or NO thinking and act as if things are the same as a few decades ago and there is a  right answer to the problems.    This divide has little to do with age, I find. I can find those in 20s and 30s who fall in the second group and those in 80s in the former group.

I feel quite tired when I interact with people in the “things have NOT changed” group, as I have difficulty communicating with them and moreover, I have no idea how we can find some common ground for discussion, as our assumptions are so different.  When I see people in the “World is moving, and uncertainty is always with us” group, I feel alright, even though I share somewhat uneasy feelings of the state of the world.

I want to encourage those of you who see the complexity and dilemma of today’s world to join us at our next SINCA practice session a week from today, April 12. (This is rather sneaky way of promoting the event!)  We will see how complex the world is and how we need to think, negotiate and develop creative ideas/solutions to the problems we face today by playing the SDGs game. Rather than pretending that we do not own these problems, let us jump in and see ourselves how things move when we are constrained by resource limitations, when we do not agree with the priorities etc. For registration, go to this site. For details of the session, here is the link. You can go to our website to see the video of the sessions (including the one on Nov. 30 when we played the game briefly.)  Join us!

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