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I was invited to the breakfast meeting with executives in charge of Human resource development at major Japanese companies. After briefly discussing my latest proposal for Connecting the Divided World etc. in the face of fast-changing world, I talked about my recent experience at Summer Davos in Dalian, China and my finding about the status of women/diversity and re-skilling of aging workforce at the Japanese companies.

Questions from executives included how I find young students today–whether they are aggressive/proactive enough, whether they can have a clear view, as well as whether there are any  specific tips for making diversity settled down throughout the organization.

My responses were that some students  are even more proactive than before.  I also mentioned that there are no fast rules to make the best of diversity in management.  It requires continued effort. (I realize my response did not meet their needs, but in my understanding that we need to continue our marathon!)

I also mentioned that the concept of “lifelong learning” itself is not well recognized and re-skilling of aging workforce is not done at majority of  the companies.   It seemed that HR executives may have thought about the issue of re-skilling, but have not implemented any specific action.

Taking the opportunity, I made some suggestions regarding some experiments for using MOOC and other online programs for the aging workforce and for setting up open  job/people market  mechanism beyond individual companies.

It was a good opportunity for me to explain some of  my findings and test some ideas.

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