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This past week starting from Monday, Nov. 18, has been full of variety of events/meetings and encounter with many groups of people.  The topics ranged from technology/art, future of cities & lifestyle, innovation in Israel, vaping, 4 day workweek, etc. on BBC Business Matters, reflection and next year’s strategy, proposal for companies of various sizes and industries for 2030, and lecture for high school students. Language was English and Japanese, and people I interacted are from different nationalities, age groups and background. I collected many name cards and talked with quite a few that it is almost overwhelming to recall whom I met at what events, even by looking at name cards.

I am  reminded (from reflecting the meetings etc. this past week) that there are many uncertainties, no right answers around, and geographical scope is anything from local to global/space.  I also realize that “only constant is change”. (I believe the expression I used to hear often.)  It means that we should not be afraid to do something we have never done, and/or change when we realize that something is not working as expected.  We have much bigger space and longer time horizon to play and experiment… which I consider is great!

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