I realize that  quite a few events scheduled for February and March (so far)  where many people gather in the physical space are being canceled and/or reviewed in the face of coronavirus.  The first priority is to contain it (not sure whether this is right term) and prevent further spreading. So it makes sense to avoid gathering of many people in physical space.   Remote work/telework is now under consideration an/or being implemented by companies, which will trigger wider use of these new work style.

What I wonder now is whether it is possible for us to use virtual space without physically meeting/getting together.  I believe it might be possible for a small number of people to communicate using zoom, webcast etc..  Is it possible, I wonder,  for us to discuss/debate some topics on virtual space.  As there are many on line courses where many people attend on virtual space, would it not be possible? Probably it is difficult to do it now, but something to give some thought for the future?  We might even use text  to communicate?