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Last night I watched on TV the launch of space shuttle Discovery. It was very exciting not only because Naoko Yamazaki Of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is one of those on board, but also I simply love space.    I have always been fascinated by the space and wanted to become an astronaut when I was a kid.

I still recall the excitement of listening to the launch (there was no satellite TV then, it was just audio) played for us at school.  I had the fortune of meeting with Astronaut Mamoru Mohri, now the Chief Executive Director of Miraikan(National Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation),  whom I had adored, through my assignment at Science Council of Japan a few years ago.  Though I never met with Dr. Chiaki Mukai, I love the books written by her husband about the life of astronaut.

When I visited my friends in Florida who also loved launch and all the excitement, we made sure that I visited the Kennedy center. It was almost my childhood dream come true.   I understand that there are few more space shuttle launch left, and I hope that they will accomplish the mission this time.

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