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Several things I have encountered these few days have led me to believe that it comes down to “discipline” to practice often and continue whether you can “change” yourself and design your life.

As we will address the topic of Stress-Mindfulness-Neuroscience on Friday, September 1 at our session #51 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, I have researched these topics mainly on the internet. I watched video under the topic of Mindfulness and Stress. There are many short video clips that focus on a variety of aspects of mindfulness, but the ones I find helpful are the ones that suggest that we need to practice 30 minutes a day (or so) to develop mindfulness. They indicate that you can develop it if you practice.  It is encouraging to hear that almost all experts say that you can be good at it if you practice.

This comment on practice and change from many experts of mindfulness and stress reduction cheered me up, as I started wondering whether the workout I do every morning at the sports center, while in Whistler, has made any change in me.
It is one hour and 15 min. class, hard (on M.W.F) and light (not that light, I find, these days) on T.T.S. I am regular in the class for the summer and have continued over the past several years. Every summer, however, I feel that my physical stamina declines a bit and certain things I cannot do well.  Despite that, I continue going to class as I have some friends there and it is a good way to structure my day.

Taking an advantage of relatively free time to myself while in Whistler, I checked some programs/courses of Skillshare, Coursera etc. I have watched a few video and came to conclude that you need to practice to be able to use it.

My conclusion at this point is that you get better if you practice in almost all that you do. (They say that you can even change your brain, I believe.) It also shows how difficult for many of us to have discipline, practice and continue. I plan to continue Mindfulness practice (& probably skillshare), as I know I am disciplined enough to continue workout. Do you want to bet?

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