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I am now on the disabled list, due to my very bad back problem.  It started hurting on Saturday morning while in NYC  and I tried pain killer as well as heating pad.  I survived 13 hour flight from JFK to Tokyo, but it got somewhat worse this morning.

I went to see my chiropractor today (first thing after I came back late last night) who said that I should have iced instead of heat! (I had heating pad during my 13- hour flight and even took a bath last night!)

The part that hurt moved to cause more pain now, so I need to get some rest.  (He said that I should  stay in bed for a while!) I am fortunate that I have no class to teach or seminar (until the day after tomorrow–giving me a bit of break).

Lessons! If you pull your muscle or twist your ankle etc., ICE it first.  (I learned this lesson when I twisted my ankle before, but completely forgot about it this time!)

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