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wDADThis evening (Saturday), I had dinner with my Dad (93 years old) at his senior residence.  I usually have dinner with him almost every weekend, either at his place or mine.   I was away since the end of July, however, and I had not informed him that I would be out of the country, having dinner with him today (I will be away in Kyoto tomorrow) was my No. 1 priority.

I had planned to have him over and planned the menu, went to grocery shopping etc.   I called him to come around 6:00 pm, he was quite upset.  He said that he wanted to buy a camera and found the ad in the newspaper.  He ordered by signing something, but no camera arrived.  He also said that he asked for help at the senior residence, but nobody helped him.  I tried to figure out what exactly he did (as he was quite confused).  I called the people at his senior residence and found that he got all mixed up.

So I changed my plan and went to his residence to find out.  By the time I got there, he seemed to be a bit settled.  I tried to guess what he wanted to do, and explained that he had already bought a camera recently and he actually took some photo.  He does not remember any of that, but I convinced him that he needs not ANOTHER camera.

Then we had dinner together at the dining room and he was still quite confused.  (He comes up with stories and I have to use my imagination to figure out what he is saying and slowly makes him understand the reality..)

It seems that the fact I did not come to see him for four weeks + might have made him nervous and felt upset.  He is 93 years old and doing OK.  Interacting with him requires a bit of imagination, creativity and sense of humor.   As you can tell from the photo, the evening finished with a high note…

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