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As posted on my website, End of Life Care Association of Japan (ELC) is hosting special dinner, entitled “Death over Dinner” on Thursday, March 7.  One of the participants of Global Agenda Seminar series at Roppongi Academy Hills and my friend, Keiko Chida, is involved with ELC after she lost her father  a few years ago. (If my recollection is correct.)  I met her when she was caring for her father and knew a bit about the situation.  I then found out that she had joined ELC in Japan.  She was selected as JWLI fellow and spent some time in Boston.  I encountered her again at JWLI reception few years ago. (featured photo)  I ran into her about 10 days ago at GAS alumni event(photo below)  and heard about Death over Dinner.

As I lost my husband to cancer almost two decades ago after a battle over 10 years and felt strongly about the need to talk about death with loved ones.  Fortunately, my husband as well as my mother made it clear what they wanted, and I made sure that their wish is respected.  (My 97-year-old Dad and I talk about the type of care he wants and about death quite casually,)

Unfortunately, I have prior commitment on Thursday and will NOT be able to make it to dinner,  but I think this will be a good opportunity.  In fact, there is an article in Mainichi about this event.  You can register through this link. If you have any questions, you can contact ELC here.

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