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As they are back in town, I joined my stepson & his family for dinner at their place.  First time during this trip to see them all (incl. a dog which has grown so big!). It is always fun to see them and what they are up to. I heard about their sports activities during summer camp and school (they just started).  There are always many event going on for three of them and I love finding out about them- Latin, Greek and Spanish language classes, audition for musical at school, various sports activities starting in the fall. We discussed our upcoming trips-mine to Tuscany and theirs now under planning.

Dinner is good as always (I eat so much there) and we talked about the shows, movies etc. we saw recently.  It is nice to see my grandkids grow up so fast and have interesting conversation. It is so interesting how children learn new things–we played game in which Katharine asks each one of us questions.  (Some of which we have no idea..)

I feel very relaxed being with family, as they do homework, play with the dog etc. etc.  It is so lively and so full of energy that I feel regained my energy, too. I forgot to include myself in the photo, but next time.


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