P1010648Yesterday, August 25, I hosted the dinner for my students at ICS. Altogether, 13 people and a baby came.  I think it was just about the largest number of people I had at my place.

The occasion was to celebrate those who are graduating tomorrow from ICS together with those who will be graduating in a year.  Those who came were either my seminar students–2 second year students that are graduating, three first year students who will be graduating in a year– and five who took Independent Research Project with me this past year.  Wife and a 4-month baby of one student, girl friend of another and boy friend of the other came, to make the total 14(including me) and a baby.

I managed to prepare dinner (though I did cook some, and not all) and we had champagne to make a toast.  They brought flowers and some goodies which we all enjoyed.  It was a lot of fun and I hope all enjoyed it.

There were two who just came from the airport (international as well as domestic) with the luggage!  It was very nice to have them all.