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I talked about the wonder of being exposed to different environment (or place, people, subjects etc.) at the executive seminar today on Diversity.   I suggested to try something very small such as changing the train/bus/time to go to work . (In fact, one of the participants told me that he would change the train he takes every morning exactly at the same time!)

I notice every time I come back to Tokyo from some Asian countries that there are many elderly people. (After all, I am one of the baby boomer generation, so I contribute to this fact!)   It is the discovery that you do not make if you stay in Tokyo all the time.   I also notice that young Japanese (men or women) are very good looking and dressed very fashionably.

You need not necessarily make overseas trips to see things from different perspectives and notice something new in what you are used to.  All you need is to try something different once in a while.  (If you do it everyday, it becomes too much. But it is not too hard to break routine to see what’s new.

These are the wonders (at least to me) you can have when you try something new.

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