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I came back to Tokyo last night after a week’s stay in New York. As I was walking back from the station to my apartment with my suitcase, I noticed the feeling of being “squeezed in”. I felt that pedestrians walks were much narrower in Tokyo than in New York and more people seemed to be walking/riding bike in narrower roads. The dividers between street for cars and pedestrians’ walks made it even narrower. (As I reflect, I do not recall these dividers in New York. I may be wrong.)

I do not know the density of Tokyo and of Manhattan, but the Theater districts after the show seem to be one of the most crowded scene in NYC. And yet, I did not feel squeezed there.

I also find that high ceilings make a difference in the way you feel. I do not notice ceilings while in New York City, but I feel it at my apartment complex. (In fact, I watched ceilings few times this morning, as I notice it is quite low.)

This is just about the first time I notice these differences so clearly. It makes me wonder whether physical layout and design affects how you feel about people around you. It may not make you develop and express “crazy” ideas.

Probably the Innovative City Forum and reading the book “Creative Confidence” recently have affected my sensitivity and triggered this feeling.

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