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I go to 1 hour exercise class at Meadow Park Sports Center almost every day while I am in Whistler, British Columbia.   Many familiar faces I see make me feel at home.  As I come every summer, I find several things.  One is that my physical, though slowly, but steadily declines.  It is not just power, but also coordination of movement and balance.  My balance has been poor since I was very young,  but every year I feel that I lose a bit more.  As to the coordination, the same.  I used to be well coordinated and have been able to follow various movements well, even from the first time. Now, however, I understand, but my body does not move that easily.  It is interesting as I see the similar development in the people I see in class.  (Some classes called Low impact are meant for people older, i.e. no 20s!)  I used to see the change in others but now it is me that is going through the change!  (a bit of shock!)

In addition, I see difference in how our bodies seem to be  built. People in Canada (I mean women in class) have so much power that weight we use are quite different.  For example, I usually use 8 lbs or 5 lbs weights, while they use 10, 12 and sometimes 15!  First several years, I was so discouraged and pushed too much. After I ended up hurting my elbow and shoulder,  I decided to go easy.

What makes me wonder even more is that they do not seem to have too much muscles.  Many are fat and can lift heavy weights, but I do not see muscles in their arms, etc.  Even the ones who are thin and in great shape  do not seem to develop muscles as we do. This kind of experience makes me realize that people ARE different!.

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