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I won 1 year stock of four different kinds of deSKY instant noodles JAL serves onboard.  I am regular customer? of jalshop online service, buying variety of foods.  I did not recall whether I entered my name or not, but I received 1 year stock of deSKY series.  (To be exact, I received 4-month stock now, and will receive two more batch in a few months.)  When I wrote a post on this present. I received quite a few comments.  So I decided to take a photo.  This is just 1 month stock- 30 each of four different deSKY- namely, ramen, soba, udon and chanpon!

I am distributing a bag of deSKY to people such as those who work at the front office, cleaning team, etc. etc. of the apartment.  (I receive many new products from the companies I serve as non-executive director and often give them so that people can sample-for food and also for cosmetics.)

Another announcement is that of upcoming SINCA session on Sunday, July 12.  As my summer plan was up in the air, I could not plan the session with definite date.  Now that I know I will be in Tokyo for the summer, we want to host the SINCA online dialogue session.  I realize it is short-notice, but hope many will join us.  This time, no preparation is needed, and just register at this site (hopefully this works!) and join us at zoom on Sunday, July 12.  We want to host the session where many people can express their opinion in English as many may have lost the opportunity to join casual discussion.  We plan to have  two rounds of breakout sessions  on any of the four topics as below.

1.Will you install apps for detecting Covid-19?       2. Will you restrict your activities if we have the second wave of Covid-19 as last time? 3. Are you thinking/planning to move to local areas, away from the cities? 4. If possible, would you take overseas trips this year?

Many of you may have thought about these issues or are relatively familiar with them.  Just register through Peatix and join us at zoom on Sunday, July 12 at 8 pm.  Hope many will join us.

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