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IDEOTokyoMany business people must have heard of “Design thinking.”  However, some of you have rough idea of what it is, have never tried it yourself and/or have had some questions though tried before.  If you have some questions about how to practice “design thinking” and/or are interested in finding out what it is,  #4 of Global Agenda Seminar series held on June 29 will be an ideal seminar for you.

Gregory PerezWe will have Gregory Perez of IDEO Tokyo office as our guest speaker and will have interactive session to deep dive into examples of Design Thinking (particularly in Asia where Greg has had extensive experience.)

My first exposure to Design Thinking was at World Economic Forum several years ago when I attended the session on Innovation that Tim Brown led.  Interested in their thinking, I participated in many brainstorming sessions called Work space etc. without knowing that it was Design thinking in action.  It became my favourite at the Forum event and I participated as many as I could.   It was so much fun as I  love to try new things.

These several years have seen that approach becoming very popular in Japan and we see some examples of design thinking.   I visited IDEO Tokyo office several times including the special session with Tom Kelley in January.

We will have GAS2016 #3 on June 22 as I wrote yesterday and so you may feel that too many sessions in English coming simultaneously.  It may be a good idea to attend sessions back to back  in English to develop your skills (in fact, we will have #38 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Shiseido on June 24!  This series is my attempt to simulate some of the brainstorming sessions I experienced at the World Economic Forum organized with Design Thinking.  So join us to find out more about Design Thinking from the world-renowed design firm, IDEO.  For details and registration, follow this link. (English explanation is towards the bottom of the announcement.) Hope to see many of you there!

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