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This past week has been full of meetings, seminars etc.  But I also had a visit with the dentist and with a chiropractic doctor.

I had no trouble with my teeth for a long time until November last year when one of the fillings came off. (I was chewing gum!)

Going to the dentist is not necessarily my favorite activity, but I went to visit the dentist after several years.  The clinic seemed quite different as the dentists turned over and there was none I had known.  I could not recall when was the last time I was there and thus, they had a hard time getting my record.

It took several visits to fix my teeth and I had to juggle my schedule as it was toward the end of the year, which is usually the busy season.  But I managed to get it done and I felt I was home free.  They taught me how to brush my teeth and I was determined to follow quite complicated way of brushing my teeth “right”.

I suppose that I did not quite learn the right way, as the dentist told me that I need to go through the cleaning  procedure when I came back to check my new filling three months later.  So I decided that I would visit the dentist every four months or so, to get them done.  I felt it was easier for me, after all, to ask for the professional help than my learning how to brush right.  It seems that it was the right decision. It is not a bad idea to have your body parts go through maintenance once in a while.

My right arm is a bit different story. I knew I had injured it while doing circuit training.  But I had expected that it would go away.  It did not. It is rather difficult not to use your right arm, as I am right-handed.  My right arm still hurt and I happened to hear about the doctor from my friend.  I made a quick move, called the doctor and visited him yesterday. (All in about an hour.)  It seems that I made a right decision.  The condition is a bit worse than I had hoped, but I felt much better after the visit. (probably psychologically as well, as I feel I am getting the right diagnosis!)  I need to go back there again and it seems to take a while before it heals, but at least I am on my way to recovery.

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