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86kisei_habu  I have not followed Shogi for a while, though I was concerned about Yoshiharu Habu’s recent results. He lost Meijin title to A. Sato with 1-4 and then lost Game No.1 of Kisei sen title match to challenger Takuya Nagase.
Game No. 2 was held on Saturday, June 18 in Toyoda and Defending Kisei Y. Habu won.
I reviewed the game blog now and found out that it was the first win for Y. Habu against Takuya Nagase. (which was a bit of surprise.)
Y. Habu lost four games in a row since Meijin sen title match, so it was quite significant that he won this game.

Game No. 3 of Kisei sen title match will be in Numazu on July 2.

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