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As we received several inquiries about what’s next for SINCA series (we canceled the one on Feb. 28 because of the new coronavirus outbreak and have not kept you informed), we post the details of SINCA debate online schedule for next weekend on our facebook page.  We will debate the issue of “Olympics/paralympics should go as scheduled in July/August in Japan.”

These few days (status of coronavirus in the world changes day by day and sometimes difficult to keep up with), this issue has emerged in media reports.  It is possible that the conclusion is reached before next weekend. I think, however, it is worthwhile to discuss various aspects of hosting Olympics/Paralympics even after the decision is made.  Debate is such a good way to surface many aspects of the issue and I like to use often for the workshops/seminars.

If you look at our facebook page(SINCA) , you can get the details.  If you want to participate, please email me.  Our plan is to decide on the participants sometime this weekend (we have 3 possible dates and we need to do a bit of coordinating) and teams so that they can prepare.  I am very much looking forward to it.


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